Neo classical shred etudes

Welcome to the online woodshed!

My name is Shai Agmon, I’m an Israeli guitarist and guitar teacher based in Doetinchem, Holland. On this website I’m offering my shredding etudes‘ – these are original Neo-classical etudes I composed, that will help you work on your shredding skills. My etudes are inspired by my favorite shredders – Michael Romeo, Luca Turilli, Jason Backer, Tony McAlpine and more. I use these etudes myself to work on my own technique and you can use them as well, to make your time in the woodshed more fun!

Each etude is built around a specific technique (sweeping, legato, alternate picking) and a specific picking pattern – in order to make your practice session focused and efficient.

You can watch/listen to the etudes in the etudes page, and download your favorite ones for free! Each etude file contains mp3 files of the etude, a detailed tablature .pdf file, and backing tracks in 3 different speeds for you to practice along.

For those of you who want to work on their shredding skills and master their craft more thoroughly, I offer 1 on 1 skype guitar lessons. I can help you fine-tune your technique, and build an efficient workout routine that will help you to improve your shredding skills in a fast and fun way. I can also help you work on your composition and improvisation skills, and give you tools to help you incorporate your technique in a rich, musical context.