Neo classical shredding etudes

The shred etudes are available for free download! Each etude includes tabs and backing tracks in 3 different speeds to practice along with. Scroll below to watch and listen to the different shred etudes.

Sweep picking etudes

Alternate picking etudes

Legato etudes

Sweep picking etudes

Galloping  (2 strings sweeping etude) 

Download “Galloping” etude  

2. Turrili’s wings (3 strings sweeping etude) 

Download “Turilli’s wings” Etude

3. Lost treasures (3 strings sweeping etude) 

Download “Lost treasures” etude

4. Lords of the sea (3 strings sweeping etude) 

Download “Lords of the sea” etude

5. Into infinity (3 strings sweeping etude) 

Download “Into infinity” etude

6. Raging tides (4 strings sweeping etude)

 Download “Raging tides” etude

7. Inferno (4 strings sweeping etude)

Download “Inferno” etude

8. Riders of the night (5 strings sweeping etude)

Download “Riders of the night” etude

9. Voyage to the stars (5 strings sweeping etude) 

Download “Voyage to the stars” etude

10. The grand illusion (6 strings sweeping etude)

Download “The grand illusion” etude

11. Space travel (6 strings sweeping etude)

Download “Space travel” etude

Alternalte picking etudes

12. Astral hunters (Alternate picking etude)

Download “Astral hunters” etude

13. Victory march (Alternate picking etude)

Download “Victory march” etude

Legato etudes

14. Starchildren (Legato, String skipping, Alt. picking etude)

Download “Starchildren” etude

15. Beyond the sun (Legato, string skipping etude)

Download “Beyond the sun” etude